you found me ; when no one else was looking

17 January

when you fall in love
everything sort of passes you by and
you're still there, looking at the most
beautiful person you've ever seen in
your life <3

yeah, that's me <3 gangster as could be

wish upon a shooting star
call me ; m u r r i <3
in the ; 5 six 1 florida
loving ; allen j. ruf <3
wishing you weren't so far

<3s taking back sunday ; making out ; holding hands ; drive thrus ; sleepovers
hickeys ; fall out boy ; my boyfriend ; all my wonderful friends ; the used
taco bell ; hawthorne heights ; country music ; xanga.com ; shopping ; mall
movies ; matchbox romance ; movies ; sugarcult ; teenage dirtbag
bonfires ; football games ; dashboard confessional ; rapids ; beach
mission trips ; bowling for soup ; homecoming week ; food ; hugs <3

<|3s liars ; cheaters ; heart breakers ; mcdonalds ; sarah michelle gellar
not being able to drive ; ashlee simpson's nose ; unhappy people
negative people ; fat joe and the "lean back" ; rapists ; muderers
sharks ; bugs ; most rap ; lindsay lohan ; her fake tan

I am Gangsta Love.
by kissme117

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